Talk to Me: A24’s Horror Gem Thrills Audiences With $10M Weekend

Talk To Me

Hey there, fellow horror aficionados! Gather ’round for some hair-raising news that’ll send shivers down your spine! A24 unleashed their latest fright fest, “Talk to Me,” upon 2,340 theaters all across the United States this past weekend. The initial buzz suggested a respectable $5 million domestic debut, but let me tell you, this little gem had some terrifying surprises in store!

To everyone’s amazement, “Talk to Me” surpassed all expectations and raked in a spine-chilling $10 million during its opening weekend. A whopping $10,028,632, to be precise! The movie came in at a hair-raising #6 on the domestic box office charts, and that too, while competing with the likes of the blockbuster “Barbie” and the intense “Oppenheimer” during their second weekend. Talk about an impressive feat!

Now, what’s even more thrilling is the backstory of this eerie flick. The talented Philippou brothers, Danny and Michael, took the reins to bring this supernatural terror to life. They did an astounding job, especially considering the film’s reported production budget was a mere $4.5 million. But here’s the catch—A24 scooped up this hair-raising gem at Sundance for a jaw-dropping “high seven figures”! And you know they didn’t hold back when it came to marketing the release, adding to the eerie aura surrounding the movie.

But the real test of horror greatness lies in the tale itself (Read our Review here), and “Talk to Me” did not disappoint. Set in the hauntingly beautiful landscapes of Australia, it follows a group of friends who stumble upon a dark secret: the ability to conjure spirits using an embalmed hand. Tempted by the thrill of their newfound powers, they can’t resist indulging in the creepy occult practices—until one of them takes it a step too far. And that’s when all hell breaks loose, as they unwittingly unleash a malevolent force that plunges them into a nightmarish world of supernatural terror!

With a cast featuring the likes of Sophia Wilde, Miranda Otto, Alexandra Jensen, Joe Bird, Otis Djanji, and Zoe Terakes, “Talk to Me” delivers a bone-chilling experience like no other. It’s a heart-pounding reminder that the horror genre can still conjure up an insatiable appetite for terror at the box office, even amidst major blockbuster rivals.

So, as we bask in the lingering fear of “Talk to Me,” let’s raise our popcorn buckets to A24 for bringing us this unforgettable cinematic nightmare. With the horror genre on a winning streak, there’s no telling what spine-chilling delights await us next. Until then, my brave horror lovers, keep your nightlights on and your courage intact. The shadows may hide secrets you never want to encounter! Stay tuned for more blood-curdling updates from the twisted world of horror cinema!

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