Final Destination 6: Franchise Creator Teases Exciting Twists for the Upcoming Sequel

Exciting news for horror film fans: the Final Destination series is making a thrilling comeback with an all-new installment, directed by the talented duo, Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein, known for their work on “Freaks.”

So, what surprises can we expect from Final Destination 6? In a recent conversation with Collider, Jeffrey Reddick, the original creator of the franchise, hinted at a fascinating (and slightly cryptic) clue:

…a true Final Destination movie, doesn’t follow that kind of formula that we’ve kind of established. It kind of unearths a whole deep layer to the story that kind of, yes, makes it really, really interesting.

Reflecting on previous remarks he made to Dread Central, Reddick insinuated—without revealing too much—that Final Destination 6 is set to bring an entirely fresh dimension to the established series.

The script for Final Destination 6 is being penned by Lori Evans Taylor, known for “Wicked Wicked Games,” and Guy Busick, who worked on “Scream.” Notably, Jon Watts, of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” fame, is on board as a producer.

Joining him in the producer’s seat for this New Line Cinema venture are Dianne McGunigle, who worked on “Cop Car,” alongside veteran Final Destination producers Craig Perry and Sheila Hanahan Taylor.

Marking the first film in over a decade, this will be the sixth chapter in the popular series. The franchise’s signature theme—depicting “Death” as it pursues a group of young survivors of a major disaster—will continue to provide the central plotline.

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