Brace Yourselves: Jigsaw and Amanda Return in the Terrifying ‘Saw X’ Trailer!

Saw X Trailer

Under the chilling cloak of tonight’s Midsummer Scream panel, the foreboding glimpse of Saw X made its harrowing debut. Much to the delight of horror enthusiasts far and wide, the tantalizing trailer has since been unleashed onto the digital realm, casting a sinister shadow over the online world.

Reprising their roles for this latest spine-chilling installment of the popular Saw franchise are the iconic Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith. The dread-infused masterpiece, brought to life by Lionsgate, is set to infect cinema screens with terror on September 29, 2023.

The night was steeped in tantalizing secrets about Saw X, with the most intriguing reveal being the extended duration of this sequel. Not only will it outlast its predecessors, but it will also surpass the 1-hour and 48-minute record held by Saw III, promising an extended period of bloodcurdling horror.

Furthermore, it was confirmed that the film’s grisly narrative is set to be dominated by Jigsaw himself. “This movie belongs to John…This is the human journey of John Kramer,” producer Oren Koules chillingly disclosed, highlighting the significant role of the character in Saw X.

Enough of the whispers in the dark, though. Cast your eyes upon the Saw X trailer that lies in wait below. Be warned – you’ll want to stick around until the gruesome end.

Joining the illustrious cast of Saw X are Renata Vaca, known for “Midnight Family,” Paulette Hernandez from “Crown of Tears,” Joshua Okamoto from “Control-Z,” Octavio Hinojosa, star of “Come Play With Me,” Synnøve Macody Lund from “Ragnarok,” Steven Brand from “The Sandman,” and Michael Beach from “Dahmer.”

As Lionsgate tantalizingly hints, “The return of Tobin Bell is a strategic move to recapture the essence of the Saw series while also throwing the audience off-balance with brand-new trap designs and an intriguing, yet bloody, mystery to piece together.”

“John Kramer, played by Tobin Bell, is back to orchestrate an untold series of Jigsaw’s gruesome endgames.”

“In a narrative interlaced between Saw I and II, a deteriorating and desperate John seeks salvation in Mexico via an experimental medical procedure, hoping for a miracle cure for his cancer. What he stumbles upon instead is a fraudulent scheme preying on the vulnerable. This revelation sparks the infamous killer’s resurgence, marking his return with meticulously devised, deranged, and ingenious traps to punish those who dared to deceive him.”

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